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  • JULY 2017 – Are You ‘Playing to Win’ or ‘Playing Not to Lose’?

    JULY 2017 – Are You ‘Playing to Win’ or ‘Playing Not to Lose’?

    Playing to win is about growth. You are strategic and proactive. You have a vision. You do your own thing. You focus on the next thing your customer wants, not what your competitors are doing. It requires one to boldly adapt to change and be innovative. It doesn’t matter if it is a person or a whole business. Download NewsletterRead More
  • JUNE 2017 – The Joy of a Thunderstorm

    JUNE 2017 – The Joy of a Thunderstorm

    As I write this a storm is rolling in bringing with it rain, thunder and flashes of light.  I love to stop and listen to a good strong rain pound against the rooftop. The lightning bolts sizzle through the air and the crashing of thunder demands our attention.  As a child I was afraid of the noise, but my mom ... Read MoreRead More
  • MAY 2017 – Welcome Spring

    MAY 2017 – Welcome Spring

    The heaviness of winter is coming to a close. Windows are finally being opened to let the fresh air breeze through the house. As the temperatures rise the layers of clothes are being peeled off and put away until next year. The cobwebs in my mind are being dusted away. There is a sense of energy building. Now that tax season ... Read MoreRead More
  • APRIL 2017 – Time for Change

    APRIL 2017 – Time for Change

    The one thing that is constant in life is change. Every day we grow and change. However this April is packed full of change for me. I love this time of year.  It provides me a sense of renewal. I can rest and recharge from tax season. I can refresh my soul with the warmth and sunshine that comes with ... Read MoreRead More
  • MARCH 2017 – The Luck of the Irish!

    MARCH 2017 – The Luck of the Irish!

    Many years ago I found myself in Boston on St. Patty’s day.  I was there for work and stayed the weekend. I made arrangements to meet a friend of a friend to get a tour of Boston.  She was a Boston native and turned out to be a great tour guide.  The day started with a cold wet morning.  Our ... Read MoreRead More
  • FEBRUARY 2017 – The Tide of Love…

    FEBRUARY 2017 – The Tide of Love…

    Lately the news coverage and my Facebook feed has brought about a tide of outrage, disagreement and a lot of name calling. I see anger and behind anger there is usually fear. Fear of change I suppose. As a general practice I attempt to focus on the positive – whether it is my attitude or actions. With Valentine’s Day nearby ... Read MoreRead More
  • JANUARY 2017 – Time for a New Start

    JANUARY 2017 – Time for a New Start

    It’s late at night as I write this.  It’s so light outside, everything is white.  We just got about 2 inches of soft snow gently dropped on us.  The land is covered with the white stuff.  The clouds hang overhead.  The traffic has stopped.  The silence has settled in.  Tomorrow will be another day – a day to start with ... Read MoreRead More
  • DECEMBER 2016 – Family for the Holidays

    DECEMBER 2016 – Family for the Holidays

    For me Christmas means family. It is a time for me to shift my thoughts from the financial success of work to the heart and soul of family. For without family why work so hard? The hardest challenge is to let go of expectations and go with the flow.  Family as I grew up with is not family as I ... Read MoreRead More
  • NOVEMBER 2016 – Being Thankful

    NOVEMBER 2016 – Being Thankful

    It is easy to be grateful and thankful for the good things we have in life.  It is much harder to appreciate the bad things that happen to us. Many years ago I bought a floor covering business. It was financially struggling and I thought it was a great chance to use my business financial skills. I found out the ... Read MoreRead More
  • OCTOBER 2016 – The Power of People

    OCTOBER 2016 – The Power of People

    My recent trip to Kenya was a great example of the power of people.  In September my boys and I went on an African Safari in Kenya.  Some very key people made our trip extra special. Most of all James my son who made my bucket list trip from just a safari to trip beyond anything I could imagine.  It ... Read MoreRead More
  • SEPTEMBER 2016 – It’s Never Too Late…

    SEPTEMBER 2016 – It’s Never Too Late…

    When frustration sets in it’s a good time for me to take a step back. To stop, take a deep breath and look around. Stop and feel the sun shine, listen to the rain drops, watch for the friendly smile or ask for a hug from a loved one. My frustration usually comes from trying to force a solution or ... Read MoreRead More
  • AUGUST 2016 – Go For The Gold!

    AUGUST 2016 – Go For The Gold!

    Go for the gold! Finish Big! Both are great clichés to live by.  Putting yourself out there, taking a risk, fighting the fear and seeing what you can accomplish.  When Nike came out with the slogan “just do it” I took it as my tag line.  I love to plan and organize.  I love to make lists.  The action part ... Read MoreRead More

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