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  • FEBRUARY 2019 – Being One With My Heart

    FEBRUARY 2019 – Being One With My Heart

    I have chosen to stop watching the news on TV. I skip thru the mudslinging on Facebook and when reading the newspaper I only read factual headlines. I can’t handle the anger anymore. It doesn’t add value to my life. To counter that I am being more conscious of being one with my heart. Download NewsletterRead More
  • JANUARY 2019 – Ready For Action

    JANUARY 2019 – Ready For Action

    I’m starting this year out well rested. I can’t believe it, but I am tired of vacation! Never in my life did I think I would feel that. Don’t get me wrong I really enjoyed Kauai in late November and it was really nice spending Christmas with my kids in Texas. However, I am ready to get back to my ... Read MoreRead More
  • DECEMBER 2018 – Sharing and Caring

    DECEMBER 2018 – Sharing and Caring

    Christmas season is a time to share and care with my family, the clients we serve, the staff I work with and others who are important to me. It is a reminder that my goals are not the end all, be all of my life. It is a time for me to reach out. As I reach out to others, ... Read MoreRead More
  • NOVEMBER 2018 – Being Thankful

    NOVEMBER 2018 – Being Thankful

    As Thanksgiving approaches, I focus on the things that I am thankful for – As for my career, I am in the right place for me. I love the challenge! I cherish the clients I serve, for the problems they bring to me to solve. I value the team that works with me to serve our clients I cherish a ... Read MoreRead More
  • OCTOBER 2018 – What Scares You?

    OCTOBER 2018 – What Scares You?

    I am not one who likes scary movies. I think life itself is scary enough. It might be that I find myself in enough uncomfortable situations that I don’t need to go looking for more. The top fears are death and public speaking. Personally, I take the approach of being grateful for each day that I am living. Tomorrow is not ... Read MoreRead More
  • SEPTEMBER 2018 – My Vision, My Life

    SEPTEMBER 2018 – My Vision, My Life

    When I graduated from high school, I had goals.  My goals were – to be a CPA, get married, be a partner in a CPA firm, own a nice house and have a family.  I wanted to earn enough to have a comfortable life.  It took 10 years to check off the goals.  However, I ran into a problem. I ... Read MoreRead More
  • AUGUST 2018 – Every Day Counts!

    AUGUST 2018 – Every Day Counts!

    We are in the midst of summer; the days are warm and humid in Wisconsin. We just had a streak of 3 weeks where I stayed in the house and enjoyed the air conditioning. It was too hot for me to enjoy outdoors. I don’t want to waste a day. It is time for me to adapt and make the ... Read MoreRead More
  • JULY 2018 – Being Free, the Role We Play

    JULY 2018 – Being Free, the Role We Play

    Are we free?  Free to live our life how we choose. Maybe. On July 4th we as citizens of the United States celebrate our independence from England.  As I watched the exploding, dazzling fireworks, I never gave my rights, responsibilities and opportunities as a us citizen a thought.  I take those for granted even as they influence every day of my ... Read MoreRead More
  • JUNE 2018 – Are You a Hunter or a Farmer?

    JUNE 2018 – Are You a Hunter or a Farmer?

    Some business owners hunt for their next sale while others grow from within. Deep down I am a farmer. I love to nurture relationships, to grow the business organically. Just look at my garden. I love perennials, plants that come back year after year. I love color; my garden is full of deep reds, purples and yellow. Once the snow ... Read MoreRead More
  • MAY 2018 – Losing My Virginity

    MAY 2018 – Losing My Virginity

    No this isn’t about sex. It’s about facing the unknown and doing something new. I just read Richard Branson’s book “Losing my virginity, how I survived, had fun and made a fortune doing business my way”. For those who don’t know of Sir Richard Branson, he is a flamboyant philanthropic British businessman that has created and promoted the virgin brand for ... Read MoreRead More
  • APRIL 2018 – Expiration Dates

    APRIL 2018 – Expiration Dates

    My husband, Steve, made Mac n Cheese recently. Not an everyday meal in our house. When he checked the expiration date, he was shocked.  The date was 2015! It had been in our pantry for 3 years. That discovery sent me to the medicine cabinet to check the over the counter medicines. Another shock – I threw out all but ... Read MoreRead More
  • MARCH 2018 – Being Lucky

    MARCH 2018 – Being Lucky

    Are you lucky? Maybe luck in just being prepared and watching for opportunities.  During a very challenging time of my life, I depended on a 50/50 chance – a 50% chance of good luck. It provided hope. As my life settled down, I realized that good luck or bad luck was completely a matter of perspective. If you wait long enough ... Read MoreRead More

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