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  • MAY 2021 – Time for an Adventure

    MAY 2021 – Time for an Adventure

    Lately I have been feeling tired and lacking excitement in my life. I am tired of being confined by a mask, by cold weather and by work. I am tired of the constant news of sickness and death. Then I recall a remark I overheard that offered me a bit of hope. Download NewsletterRead More
  • APRIL 2021 – New Growth

    APRIL 2021 – New Growth

    Time moves quickly when I’m having fun. It also seems to drag on when I am bored or in pain. It is easy to get into a routine and forget why I had that routine and where I am going. As tax season comes to a close, my life shifts. Download NewsletterRead More
  • MARCH 2021 – Getting a New Reality

    MARCH 2021 – Getting a New Reality

    Recently I attended my son’s wedding. James and his fiancé, Stephanie, invited family and friends. It was very beautiful. During that evening I met many of his friends. Friends who are very successful in types of business that weren’t around when I started my career. Download NewsletterRead More
  • FEBRUARY 2021 – I Love My Life

    FEBRUARY 2021 – I Love My Life

    February reminds me that our world evolves around love. Despite the anger, fear and hate that I see in today’s world when Valentine’s Day comes around, I think of love. I have a special man in my life, Steve my husband. We have been married for 24 years. Steve is a key part of my life. He is my rock ... Read MoreRead More
  • JANUARY 2021 – Let’s Get Organized

    JANUARY 2021 – Let’s Get Organized

    Now that 2020 is over I want to reorganize my life. Tax season is just around the corner and I need to prepare to handle the tsunami that is coming. My inner organizer has kicked in. Since the year started with a long weekend at home, it started at home. I packed away the Christmas decorations. I sorted and got ... Read MoreRead More
  • DECEMBER 2020 – My Holiday Tradition

    DECEMBER 2020 – My Holiday Tradition

    My strongest and most precious holiday tradition is putting up the Christmas tree. Ever since I put up my very first tree, forty years ago, I take a personal journey when I decorate my tree. I have always decorated the tree all by myself. I have the same process. Download NewsletterRead More
  • NOVEMBER 2020 – Being Thankful for Fear

    NOVEMBER 2020 – Being Thankful for Fear

    With Thanksgiving here, I found a quiet spot to think about what I am grateful for. The usual list came up – sunshine, clean water, a refrigerator full of food, my great health, my loving family, my husband’s love, having my own special someone to love, among many other things. As I looked back, I realized that I have fear ... Read MoreRead More
  • OCTOBER 2020 – Scary No. Magical Yes!

    OCTOBER 2020 – Scary No. Magical Yes!

    I am tired of all the fear in society today. Halloween is supposed to be scary. Usually it’s ghosts, goblins and someone chasing someone with a chainsaw. This year we have Covid 19 and the Presidential election. I want to erase the scary and find the magic for this Halloween season. Download NewsletterRead More
  • SEPTEMBER 2020 – Did You Pass the Test?

    SEPTEMBER 2020 – Did You Pass the Test?

    I feel like the last 6 months have been a test. A test of my health – healthy enough to not get sick? A test of my business – financially strong enough and able to adapt enough to pass? A test of my mental fortitude – mentally strong enough to stay positive? Download NewsletterRead More
  • AUGUST 2020 – Moving from Hope to Purpose

    AUGUST 2020 – Moving from Hope to Purpose

    I recently had a bad day. All I wanted to do was to crawl in bed and shut out the world. Nothing big happened, it was just little things overwhelming me. Thankfully it was a Friday and I had a time to work it out. I decided to accept where I was at, plan my next day and take care ... Read MoreRead More
  • JULY 2020 – Take Care

    JULY 2020 – Take Care

    As COVID 19 closes schools, limits medical resources and is making nursing homes risky, society is relying on more help from family. In my house asking for help was not encouraged. The old saying “if you want it done right, do it yourself” was our motto. As a result, I struggle to know how to give help. Download NewsletterRead More
  • JUNE 2020 – Bouncing

    JUNE 2020 – Bouncing

    Change has been a constant the last few months. Being forced to stay home, forced to wear a mask and forced to limit contact are not my choices. It only creates frustration and anger. Download NewsletterRead More

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