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Greg Robinson

“Not only does Mary listen to the client, but offers really good advice and suggestions on things the business owner should be thinking about. Mary is a great “seed planter” when it comes to ideas and the issues that every small business owner faces.

As a small business owner, I find that it is easy to get so caught up in the details of running the operations, collecting money and paying bills, that I forget to look at the bigger picture of profitability and whether or not we are growing as we should. Mary helps to anchor me in the thinking that I need be doing. She makes it “comfortable” to look at the big picture and to think of what it means to be a business person and not just an operator of a “process” that generates revenue.”
"I enjoy working with Mary because she at least has you prepared for tax day. Even though you may not enjoy sending checks into Washington DC, you at least know what to expect. There aren't any surprises on the last day. You can formulate a plan to make sure you have enough cash available to send in without loosing sleep over the pending tax bill. Mary also is great at communicating with you throughout the year. She also looks for opportunities for you to reduce your tax liabilities and stay out of trouble with the IRS. I do not enjoy this part of my business, but Mary makes it easier to deal with.
Darin Spindler
Kids Bowl Free, Marketer, Author and Entrepreneur
"I work with Mary for the personal service, familiarity, knowledge of complicated issues and her accessibility. She provides her expertise in multiple areas and has an overall understanding of my situation. I have confidence that we have made the correct choices and I have accurate estimates and tax returns. I value her organization and long term planning aspect."
Pat Quinn
Serial Restaurateur
You guys Rock! Thanks for helping us get started with our new month end reporting system. You made it very easy for our staff to get going with it. Then when we lost our bookkeeper with no notice - you and your staff jumped right in and made sure we had what we needed to keep moving forward. Thanks for all your help.
Rich Rothmund
President - Wisconsin's ONLY Arctic Cat MegaStore, including full lines of Suzuki and Yamaha products
"I have known Mary personally for 20 years. I have worked with her as the accountant of an accounting firm and have most recently worked with her as the accountant of her own firm. She is very flexible and very thorough. She makes suggestions on ways that I could improve the business reporting aspect of my business. She also provides reports to me that summarize important spending details for my business."
Polly Bodjanac
State Farm Agent
They make running my business a lot easier for me. Mary and her team step in as a sort of CFO for my company and help me with so many areas of the business. Wouldn't be where I am today without them!
Chris Robinson
"I have worked with institutional accountants in the past. Without exception, they were so focused on their specialty that they didn't even realize there were other opportunities to help their client, whether that is personal, planning, etc. It seemed as though their job was to do what was asked and get out the door to work with the next client, instead of offering a full suite of services. Mary has a much more broad skill set that covers far more ground and does that with a personal and friendly approach."
Greg Lake
President Lake Companies, Inc.
"Focus CPA is an outstanding CPA firm. They don't just do the taxes and paper work, Mary makes sure that all financial areas are the best they can be. During a yearly review Mary raised a question about a certain expense that we have been overlooking and it ended up saving us $24,000 a year (we refer to that meeting as the $24,000 meeting). I would recommend Focus CPA to any business looking to have the best CPA firm in Green Bay.

I didn't switch CPA's for a long time because I thought it would be a hassle but Mary made the switch very easy.”
Mike Vande Walle,
“I so appreciate all of your support as I created this new vision. Mary, you are a standout among accountants in that you keep your eye on the big picture AND on the day-to-day functioning of my businesses. Thank you for sharing that rare gift with me!”
Bonnie Nussbaum
Owner of Your Path to Empowerment
Being part of a small family business, it is sometimes difficult to manage all the financials accurately. Before working with Focus CPA, I was only partially able to understand what all the numbers meant and didn’t have the best reports to show my company progress and growth. As my business continues to grow, I knew it was in my best interest to find a resource to help me correct my financial statements and records.

When I first read about Focus CPA, what intrigued me to work with them is that they strive to help small businesses. After sitting down with Mary for my discovery meeting, I knew it was an instant fit! She was extremely helpful in structuring an outline of where I was, where I needed to be, and how we can get there, together. After just several months of meetings and cleaning up all my records with Mary, I am now confident in getting a loan for my business expansion. I will have accurate financial results, showing the evident growth my business is experiencing. This was all from the help of Focus CPA. I am excited about what my future may bring, and I owe much of it to the people at Focus CPA for helping me get there! To all my fellow small business owners, if you are in a financial rut and need some help, I highly recommend you call Focus CPA today! I promise you won’t regret it!

I am excited about what my future may bring, and I owe much of it to the people at Focus CPA for helping me get there!
Toni Maretti

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