Small Business Financial Health Checkup

If the idea of accounting and taxes gets your heart pounding and sends you to the nearest exit, don’t worry! Your accounting system is the key to providing information to increase your financial success. It provides critical information to make business decisions.

How Financially Healthy is your Business?

Do you have trustworthy financial statements within 5 days of month’s end?

Do you monitor two to three mission critical business acitivites…either daily, weekly, or monthly?

Do you feel that your business is achieving its maximum financial results?

Is your business working for you, instead of you working for it?

Are you confident that you are managing your taxes to achieve the best results?

Is your business generating enough cash to meet current bills, providing the right tools to get the job done and investing in it’s company’s future?

As an owner, is the business earning enough to compensate you with an above average employment package?

Does your accounting system protect the key resources, such as cash, inventory, employee time, et cetera?

Do your business decisions focus on increasing your future business value?

Is your accountant helping you advance your business with recommendations on taxes, operations and cash flow?

Can you sleep at night?

You have finished the quiz.

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