Are You Paying More than
Your Legal Share of Taxes?

Get a Second Opinion.

People make mistakes every day, and accountants are not immune to this fact. What’s more, some tax preparers are more conservative while others tend to be more aggressive. Some may not be as knowledgeable with tax choices for small business owners and some may not know your situation enough to provide the best advice for you. One size does not fit all. As a result, tax options and recommendations can vary.

Being financially success does mean you pay taxes. The top 1% in income pays 38.5% of taxes. You have the legal right to pay the least amount allowed by law. So, the more you pay the more critical a second opinion can be.

A second opinion can provide peace of mind, help you understand the tax game, reduce your audit risk and possibly lower the amount you must legally pay. Even if your second opinion just confirms what you already know, you will know that you have done everything you can to ensure that you paid the least amount in taxes and with little risk of a negative tax audit result.

The second opinion consists of the following steps:

Your investment $1000. If you decide to work with us, that investment will be applied to future services. Please contact us to schedule a time for your “Second Opinion” today.

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