1,000 Dreams

“Those who have their health have 1,000 dreams; those who do not have health have only one.”

I recently saw this old proverb and it hit home. I take my health for granted. I haven’t been sick beyond a slight cold in years. I don’t take medicine. I work on eating right and exercise every day. However, people around me have and are struggling with their health.

The part of the quote that really hit me was the 1,000 dreams. As I am in the heat of a tax season. I combat deadlines every day. Dreams don’t normally come to mind during this time of year. I don’t take time for them. In reality, this is a perfect time to gather them. It is the time of year that I talk to very interesting folks, the clients we serve. Just this week I came across a crypto farm, someone going to Canada to see the polar bears wake up, an immigrant who is ecstatic about making his American dream come true and a couple that was spending a month exploring Hawaii.

I decided to take that time. It ended up costing me one good night’s sleep, but it was the best time to get my mind at rest and explore options. That night I laid in bed and concentrated on my dreams. I asked myself why I started my business, what I want to achieve in this life, how I want to be remembered, what retirement looks like and many other questions. I don’t have all the answers yet – but I am working on it.

I hope that you have your health and that you also have your 1000 dreams.

By Mary Guldan-Lindstrom, CPA

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