The curtain is rising, but the play has not been written yet.  I just celebrated my 60th birthday and 15 years at FOCUS CPA.   I read about a concept of dividing your life into 3 Acts.  Our life expectancy is about 90 years – so each act lasts 30 years.  This month I am starting my Act III. 

Act I was growing up with Mom, Dad, and siblings Jodi and Tom.  I recall hanging out at the farm with my dad’s parent and lots of cousins.  Summers with my mom’s family in San Diego.  I loved school, starting with Mrs. Sodabeer for kindergarten. Mrs. Condon for high school accounting and Mr. Bob Kramer for college accounting.  I starting hitting my life goals – becoming a CPA, getting married, owning a house, etc.  All the typical goals expected by society. 

In Act II I shifted gears.  I learned what I was made of when my marriage fell apart, gave birth to twins and I started my own business.  My hardest and most important job was guiding my boys into adulthood.  It started with a marriage that didn’t work out and helping my boys tackle ADHD.  Eventually Steve came into our lives and things got much better.  The boys graduated from high school and college.  They are healthy and living life on their terms and doing very well.  Steve, retired and we are relishing an empty nest.  I took the trip of my lifetime, an African Safari.  My business Focus CPA is still flourishing and I love it.  

Now act III.  In my mind I have been trying to draft out the storyline, but I am struggling.  Too many choices.   Maybe I will just let it play out by following my values and see what happens.  My main goal is not to live with regrets.   Go break a leg.

Mary Guldan-Lindstrom

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