I think I lost my sense of adventure. On Labor Day I was whining to myself that I never go anywhere. I admit that I am a homebody. I love to stay home. It’s my own fault if I stay home too much.

But then I remembered two years ago I was on the other side of the world in Kenya deep in the Masai Mara bouncing in a Land Rover looking for lions, giraffes and rhinos. We found the oldest known lion at that time, Morani. On one evening my son and I had a memorable dinner and whiskey nightcap with a safari guide who reminded me of Ernest Hemingway. We listened to his stories of photographing wild tigers in India, capturing the wildebeest migration in the Mara and spying the black serval cat just outside of camp.

I then recalled having a bush breakfast on my birthday that year. Not any breakfast but a bush breakfast. This is table, chairs and a buffet in the wilderness of Kenya. No fences, no cities, just nature. I enjoyed sweet fresh squeezed watermelon juice, tasty scrambled eggs, bacon, and a piping hot cup of coffee as my son and I watched the wild elephants grazing in front of us. We were far enough to feel safe, but close to feel the excitement and hear the rumbling of the elephant’s voices.

Later that day we took a ride in the mountains where land meets the clouds. Traveled for hours without seeing a building, just grass, trees and animals. Drove through a mountaintop rain forest where the vegetation is so thick you can only see a few feet off the path.

Maybe I underestimate my true sense of adventure and it’s time to discover it again.

My you find adventure every day.

Mary Guldan-Lindstrom, CPA

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