Being Thankful for Fear

With Thanksgiving here, I found a quiet spot to think about what I am grateful for. The usual list came up – sunshine, clean water, a refrigerator full of food, my great health, my loving family, my husband’s love, having my own special someone to love, among many other things. As I looked back, I realized that I have fear to be thankful for. Fear is a great motivator. Fear is a warning sign. I don’t change unless the pain is great enough.

This brought back a time in my life that I struggled. Thirty years ago, I went through a very rough time. Fear was my overriding emotion. I choose to get a divorce and I was very much afraid of going on my own. I was a mom to twins, felt very underqualified and was hoping we would all survive. I was also starting a new business and was struggling to put food on the table. I wasn’t sure if the fear was real or imaged. I knew it just was and I had to deal with it.

Today I can look back and see the journey that I took. I made my way through the fear. I survived the divorce and have been married for 23 years to my wonderful husband, Steve. My boys are on their own, very successful and loving life (most days). My business, FOCUS CPA, has provided a steady income, a very worthwhile purpose in life and a challenge. I am amazed at what I accomplished through the fear. I would not have taken the steps to achieve my life dreams, if it was not for the motivation of fear.

Being thankful is a daily practice. It’s tough to be thankful on some days. I have had days that I wonder why I even got out of bed. Fortunately, I have very few of those. Be thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving

Mary Guldan-Lindstrom, CPA

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