Change has been a constant the last few months. Being forced to stay home, forced to wear a mask and forced to limit contact are not my choices. It only creates frustration and anger.

Looking a little closer, behind the anger is fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of not following the rules and fear of hurting someone. During this time, I have fought hard to keep an open mind and treat others with patience and kindness. However, impatience has been a constant feeling for me, this past month.

Tax season is busy enough and now throw in more uncertainty and new rules, my life is chaotic. My impatience comes from not getting the work done when I want it done. I strive for a two-week turnaround time for tax returns, this year it’s more like 6 weeks. I have had to prioritize projects, shift things around and train new staff.

I have definitely grown these past few months. To live with myself I work to focus on what we have accomplished and everything that I am grateful for. My life may not be in balance but is online with my purpose.

Moving forward, second quarter is coming to an end. I know can make time to focus on strategy, planning and goals. COVID 19 has changed the game. It is important for me to review our purpose – to improve the lives of small business owners. This provides direction in meeting my short-term goal of working thru this economic chaos and my long-term goal of building a solid business.

I can handle it! Raising my boys has taught me how to bounce. I greatly appreciate this lesson! Happy bouncing…

By Mary Guldan-Lindstrom, CPA

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