Bring Your Heart to Work

Everyone has a story!  I started FOCUS CPA because of a challenging time in my life.  In the late 90’s my best choice was to close a business.  It was a very painful time, financially and personally.  Now I want to make sure that no one else goes through that same experience.  I take what I do personally.  I know it’s just business, however business is made up of people.

It’s the people that bring the heart of the business to action.

During this time of year, tax filing season, it is critical to remember why I do what I do.  The pace picks up in the office and deadlines loom overhead.  It is important that we stop and listen, appreciate the good things and keep in mind what we do accomplish every day.  It is a time to hear what has happened to those we have served over the last year and the new ones who have found their way to our business.  When we file an annual tax return, their story comes together.  The story is in numbers, but behind the numbers are people and actions.

The more we give the more we get back. Achieving more doesn’t always bring happiness.  Working with great people and helping others to reach their dreams – brings happiness.  I encourage you to bring your heart to work.

Mary Guldan-Lindstrom

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