Building a Positive Attitude at Work

Through experience I have uncovered a few tools that have helped me unleash happiness.  My list of seven actions comes from life experience and the research that I have done to enjoy life.

  1. Be polite.  Being polite is a sign of respect.  Saying please and thank you while working with others is an expression of respect.  In many cases, we treat those that love us worse than we treat strangers.  We expect those who know us to accept us, as we are – the good and the bad.  Consider expressing our best side to those we care about and work with.
  2. Watch your language. Change the words “I have” to “I get”.  By changing from “I have to make” the presentation to “I get to make” this presentation, the mind set changes.  One is a requirement the second is a privilege.  Consider changing the words from “I should” to “I could”.  I should have completed that project last night; instead, I could have completed that project last night. Reminds us that we had a choice.  Consider using challenges instead of problems.  Challenges encourage action. Problems encourage excuses.
  3. Be peaceful within.  Get plenty of sleep, eat nutritious food and take breaks.  Be patient with yourself.   By being at your best physically, your confidence is at the highest.  With your confidence level at its highest, it is easier to attain happiness.
  4. Take your power back. Happiness is from within.  By allowing external sources to determine whether you are happy or sad, creates ups and downs.  For example, at one time my job provided my sense of identity and provided a sense of pride.  When I lost my job, I took a hit emotionally and financially.   However, am I not the same person with or without that job?
  5. Self-awareness.  Learn and accept your strengths and weaknesses.  Put yourself in a situation in which you can succeed.  Each person has a unique set of skills and talents.  Adjust your situation so you use your strengths and promotes your values.   By working in a way that encourages success, happiness is easier to reach.
  6. Surround yourself with positive people.  It is much easier to be positive when other positive people surround you.
  7. Smile.  Look friendly.  Smiling is contagious and can be rare to find.

My life struggles that included a divorce, losing a job, working in the wrong work culture and being mom to twin boys have provided plenty of opportunities to practice these seven actions.  For most of the time, I feel contentment, but sometimes I hit the happy button.

We spend a lot of time at work.  Why not make it as pleasant and as happy as possible for you and those you work with?

By Mary Guldan-Lindstrom, CPA

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