Life is Strange by Mary Guldan Lindstrom, Focus CPA

Life is Strange

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This has been the strangest tax season that I have ever encountered and it is taken it’s toll on me. Normally January thru April is a work marathon. My mindset is taxes during this time. We focus on what needs to be done each day. We keep doing that until all is done. This year April 15th wasn’t truly April …

Health Insurance Options for the Small Business Owners | Mary Guldan Lindstrom - Focus CPA, Inc.

Health Insurance Options for the Small Business Owners

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Health insurance is a definite challenge for small business owners – both in cost, options and constantly changing rules.  Personally, my health insurance has increased 204% over the last 8 years, with little to no change in coverage.    Today, at least, we can opt out of health insurance or have a high catastrophe plan that doesn’t meet the Affordable …

Staying Positive by Mary Guldan-Lindstrom

Staying Positive

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Is easier said than done!  When you have a small business, there is always too much or too little.  Too much work, too little time, too much cash, too little cash, too much space, too little space, etc.  the list goes on.  Over the years I have empathized with clients.  Yes, I have felt the ups and downs, but this …

WHAT ARE YOU WORTH? Financially speaking

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If you have a business loan with the bank, chances are you gave them a personal financial statement. Did you ever consider tying this exercise into your financial goals? If it’s important for the bank to know, maybe it’s important for you to know. After you get your tax return done, is a great time to evaluate your progress toward …