Did You Pass the Test?

I feel like the last 6 months have been a test. A test of my health – healthy enough to not get sick? A test of my business – financially strong enough and able to adapt enough to pass? A test of my mental fortitude – mentally strong enough to stay positive?

Life throws many challenges our way. Our country was founded on the strength of the people – hard working, independent and a strong reaction to too much government intervention. But I see it starting again. We all have our own limit. You won’t find me protesting, not my style. My focus is making sure I am taking responsibility of myself and those I love.

I started with myself. In January, I started making micro changes for my health. Big changes never seemed to stick with me, so I started small. First with daily bicycling – just a few minutes as fast as I could. It wasn’t long, but I did it every day. As it got warmer, I moved to walking outside. In February I added push-ups, later in March I added sit-ups, slowly improving my endurance and strength. My goal now is to keep doing it every day.

Next the business. We stayed at the office and pounded our way through the very extended tax season. We physically spread out. We normally limit appointments during tax season and with having a small client base, not much changed.

Next family. It started with Zoom get togethers. I saw more of my kids than normal. Later we had two weddings, two funerals, family visits and normal family get togethers. One wedding cancelled, one wedding with masks. Two funerals with limited guests. Family get togethers went forward without masks. We needed the contact. We trusted if you were sick you didn’t show up.

Life seems a test, with no do overs. Did you make the most of these last 6 months? And did you pass the test?

By Mary Guldan-Lindstrom

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