Getting a New Reality

Recently I attended my son’s wedding. James and his fiancé, Stephanie, invited family and friends. It was very beautiful. During that evening I met many of his friends. Friends who are very successful in types of business that weren’t around when I started my career. Businesses such as medical marijuana, virtual currency, marketing, a million-dollar Amazon reseller, etc. Most were confident young men that live life to the fullest and do business in ways I was never taught, nor did I imagine. College trained me for a job not to build a business.

James has been in business 12 years and through his network has learned how to scale his business, leverage his efforts and find his unique skill set. Along the way he has made many friends, and experienced unique mentors and teachers. He is friends with multiple marketing and business authors and has been part of some expensive mastermind groups that include Mavericks and Genius Network. He operates in another reality. He pushes himself and outperforms my generation.

As I write this, I realized that I did similar things when I started in my career. I went into another reality from my parents. My grandparents farmed, my parents did factory and office work, I chose to be a CPA and he went into technology. Compared to his world, I feel as if I limit my vision and limit my ability to help others. We each live in our own reality. What reality are you living in?

By Mary Guldan-Lindstrom, CPA

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