Go All Out?

As another birthday has come and gone, I am struggling with writing the next chapter of my life. I feel as if my life is recalculating and I can’t get the swirling circle to stop.

Here’s my dilemma… following advice that I give to business owners I am working on my exit plan. My challenge is envisioning what that looks like. I love what I do! When I started this business in 2004, I told myself that I had retired. Retirement to me was doing exactly what I wanted to do.
Part of me wants to follow the crowd. I look around me and I meet people who at age 60 have retired and they now volunteer or travel. Then I read about Warren Buffett who at age 91 has no plan to retire. His company will go on without him. I have many mixed feelings. Even though there are so many choices, I struggle what is the right choice for me. I don’t like uncertainty and I struggle with letting fate decide.

Looking at my recent actions. I did join Entrepreneurs Organization this year, with the goal to grow the business. I am also taking time to enjoy my new grandson (and my sons) so I have more trips to Arizona scheduled. Taking a step back, I think I have made my decision. I am redefining my life.
I know I can do just enough to get by or go all out. Am I willing to take the risk of doing my own thing and go all out? YES I am.

Thanks for letting me work through that!

Mary Guldan-Lindstrom, CPA

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