Having Faith

For the last 5 months I searched for a CPA to hire.  I only got 2 resumes throughout that whole time and those that applied did not qualify.  The labor market was tough.  As tax season approached my stress level kept rising.  Throughout the process I kept reminding myself to have faith.  It will work out.  

A saying kept floating in my head “Trust In God But Tie Up Your Camel”. A reminder that while it’s great to have faith that everything will work out, I still need to do what I can to make it happen. 

We only needed one person.  After no success with the traditional approaches, I looked at it from a marketing perspective.  I offered a reward and sent out an email to those I knew, hoping someone might know someone that would fit but wasn’t necessarily looking for a new job.  Two people gave me names of individuals, that they thought might fit what I was looking for.  I sent a personal letter to each.  One letter hit the right person.  Within 3 days we starting talking about employment.  I did trust – but I also did what I could.

I am very happy to say that Ricardo Sevilla, is joining us December 16, 2019.  He comes with a wealth of experience.  I believe he will enhance the personal touch and challenge us to improve our service.  I look forward to that challenge.

May the faith be with you!

By Mary Guldan-Lindstrom, CPA

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