I Love Elephants

For a very special birthday I got to have breakfast in the African bush watching a family of elephants browse on trees nearby. These were full grown African elephants, thick wrinkly skin, very gentle when not irked. They are very protective of their young and other family members. There are only 415,000 elephants left in this world. They are considered endangered. Due to human conflict and poaching they live in great risk.

The African elephants have large ears in the shape of the African continent. Their ears are larger to help them stay cool in the warmer temperatures. If you see an elephant with curled edges on their ears were over exposed to sun when they were young. They drink milk until age 3. I find them utterly fascinating. They are so huge, some reaching 7 tons. They are the largest land mammal.
We also had a baby elephant charge our safari vehicle. He came straight at us, ears full out with his trunk held high, and stopped within a foot from our open window. They use their trunk to identify our smells.

I’m not sure why I love elephants. I definitely admire them. They have plenty of character, they are one with nature, have strong family bonds, are intelligent, appear to be gentle but can be violent when necessary.

This is the month of love. Be sure to take time to appreciate what you love.

Mary Guldan-Lindstrom

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