January 2014 Newsletter

Where are you going? 

by Mary Guldan-Lindstrom CPA

The beginning of the year is a good time to review last year’s results and plan for this year.  A financial budget is a tool that is available to help guide and design your future.  It can tell your story before it happens.

Let’s get started…

Understand your business.  Discover changes in revenue streams and expense structures.  Look for trends.  Begin with your most recent financial history.

Identify the good, the bad and the ugly!  What is working for you?  How can you refine it to work even better?   What is your biggest frustration now?  What can you change to improve the results?  Is there anything that could threaten your business?

Create your vision.  Write down where you want to be in the future – by total sales, cost of sales, and expenses.  Brainstorm as to how you will shrink the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

Create an action plan.  List all possible actions that will move you in that direction.  This will include new habits to develop and current habits to discontinue.  Rank them from most probable to needs a miracle.

Keep it simple.  Focus on the results desired and the action plan to achieve it.  Once you set your desired results, identify one to two daily or weekly measurements to keep you on target.  It could be # of customer contacts, # of hours spent on client work, # of orders shipped, daily sales, etc.

Celebrate your successes!  In some cases, your success may mean the ability to pick yourself up and refocus your efforts.

Remember to focus on your strengths!  We can help interpret the numbers, provide a financial perspective and brainstorm with you ideas on bringing your story to life. Please contact Mary, at Mary@focus-cpa.com or 920-351-4842.


Thank you to all who helped make the Christmas Tooth Fairy Giving Tree a success this year.

George Burleton II from Humana Dental inspired his co-workers to donate 10,015 toothbrushes this year.  In total we raised $1,150 in cash, 10,043 toothbrushes and 75 tubes of toothpate.




A very special THANK YOU to Dental City and George!

Mary Guldan-Lindstrom

The Christmas Tooth Fairy


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January 2014


Dear John,

I gave up on New Year resolutions years ago. Instead, I review my goals and establish my resolutions every month, or at least attempt to.

Last year I added a new element to my New Year traditions. I wrote down my highlights from the year that was ending and my planned highlights for the year to come.

This project started out as a Christmas letter, I would write, but never send. As the years go by – they start blending in together and I lose track of what I achieved and experienced.

Then again maybe I am just having senior moments.

I hope your new year has started with a BANG!


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