Let’s Get Organized

Now that 2020 is over I want to reorganize my life.  Tax season is just around the corner and I need to prepare to handle the tsunami that is coming.  My inner organizer has kicked in.  Since the year started with a long weekend at home, it started at home.  I packed away the Christmas decorations.  I sorted and got rid of stuff that I haven’t used in years.  I already reorganized my clothes closet and dresser.  I keep in mind Marie Kondo’s motto “keep what I love and get rid of the rest”. 

I have also made changes in my personal health.  Last year I started micro changes.  My goal was to ride the stationary bike or walk every day plus 10 pushups and 10 sit-ups.  I know this is sissy stuff, but I had to start somewhere.  I kept it going the whole year!  Now I need to up my game.  This year I am making micro changes on the food side.  Time to reorganize and restock my refrigerator and pantry.  

Next comes work…  This year I have the best team I have ever worked with!  I am so excited.  It’s not just Jodi and I working to keep up.  I am learning to share.  The processes that I set up many years ago are more important now than ever.  I do have to admit there is fear.  The pandemic last year really caused havoc in my work world.  However, the experience of almost 40 tax seasons have taught me that we will thrive. 

Now time to organize my thoughts so I can enjoy life!  Happy New Year!

By Mary Guldan-Lindstrom, CPA

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