Lighten UP!

Life throws many things in the way, situations that bring me frustration, anger and disappointment. Situations such as:

  • NFL replacement refs
  • Political ads
  • road construction
  • tax law changes

I tend to take life very seriously. My boys have given me many opportunities to lighten up. Halloween is one. My boys love trick or treating. They dress up every year.

Halloween at our house meant free candy. They never missed an opportunity to raise havoc in the neighborhood and collect candy.

Even today, at age 23, they have notstopped enjoying Halloween. They still dress up as super heroes, however instead of collecting candy; they now visit establishments to collect ale.
Happy Halloween

Tax time is right around the corner, thus now is the time for planning. The game is changing and the future will bring increased taxes. How they affect you will be the question. A lot of the tax laws that we are using are temporary. This is a result of the political game playing.  We are working with rules that are “sun setting” . This includes payroll taxes, income tax rates, alternative minimum tax levels, additional income taxes, tax credits, estate taxes, tax penalties, etc. It is enough to make someone dizzy.
To make decisions on how you are going to play the game it is critical to have a general overall goal for your financial future. Making a decision that will improve this year’s tax situation may backfire in future years.  The goal is to keep flexible without doing damage.
Remember taxes are not life or death.
Lighten up and enjoy!
Happy Halloween

We are expanding!  I love to help small business owners bring the fun back while increasing their financial wealth.  If you know of someone I can help please forward this e-mail.
Mary Guldan-Lindstrom CPA
Taking care of small business owners


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