May 2014


Acres of Diamonds – A story of Opportunity

retold by Mary Guldan-Lindstrom CPA

A farmer lived in Africa. His most recent visitor shared the fascinating tales of finding diamonds in Africa. He got so excited it that he sold his farm and headed out to strike it rich! For many years, he wandered searching for diamonds. As the years slipped by, he became despondent. He threw himself into a river, and drowned.

Meanwhile, back at the farm, the new owner had found an unusual looking rock. Not sure what it was he placed this rock on his mantle, as a sort of curiosity. Later, the visitor who had brought the story of diamonds came by again. When the visitor spied this rock on the mantle, he found an unexpected surprise – that funny looking rock was just about the biggest diamond that had ever been found. The farm was amidst acres of diamonds.

Opportunity does not just “come along” as most people think. It’s there all the time – we just have to be able to see it.


If you are having a challenge in your business, not seeing the diamonds in the rough, it might be time to get an outside point of view.

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May 2014

Time For Growth

Dear John,

I love this time year! Spring brings a sense of hope and excitement! Every year I am delighted and amazed to see what plants survived the winter and rise through the ground. With the warmer weather and rain, the green lawn is vibrant and the splash of color from the flowers, as they take their turn blooming, is breathtaking. Life is back to action!

I grow perennials, plants that come back year after year. The clients I serve are similar to the perennials in my garden. All of them come back every tax season, but many we work with all year round.

Now is the time for growth.

May your company or career be experiencing intense growth!


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Referrals are treated with utmost care and are greatly appreciated!


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