Moving from Hope to Purpose

I recently had a bad day. All I wanted to do was to crawl in bed and shut out the world. Nothing big happened, it was just little things overwhelming me. Thankfully it was a Friday and I had a time to work it out. I decided to accept where I was at, plan my next day and take care of myself physically as best as I can. Don’t fight it, go with it and hope it will go away. I watched a movie, read a book, had a cup of calming tea and went to bed. The next day I was better. It worked!! My mindset changed.

Giving it a little more thought I realized what set me off. The government mandated masks at businesses. I felt like I lost control. I don’t like to be told what to do. I have a mind and can make my own choices. I am not one to argue, so I struggled internally. Hope starts by believing that something better will happen. I have hope – I just want to know when this will stop.

I have been reading Man’s Search for Meaning and it hit me. To gain back my control I can focus on my “life purpose”. I can’t control what goes on around me but I can control my thoughts and my actions. I started making lists of what I can do to help our clients survive this craziness. I took a good look inside and worked on redirecting my thoughts. Next, I took action.

Hope involves a leap of faith. However, action is what improves life. By acting on my life’s purpose I have had fewer bad days. I am moving toward a future that excites me. I hope you are moving forward as well…

By Mary Guldan-Lindstrom, CPA

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