My Random Thoughts on Blessings…

I need to remember my blessings more often. We are constantly reminded of what we don’t have. Ads, whether they be TV, radio or in print tell us we need this and we need that. We need these things to be healthy, to belong, to be attractive, to be loved, etc. Rarely am I told by outside sources that I am enough and I have enough.

Did you know that I can feel blessed or cursed for the same thing? Take medicines – I feel blessed that I don’t take any. However, if I took it and it made me feel worse, I would feel cursed. On the other hand, if I was sick, I would feel grateful that it is there and will help me feel better. The same thing – different perspective.

Spending time in Kenya brought to mind many of the things I take for granted; such as electricity, safe water to drink, indoor plumbing, good roads, beautiful birds, food in my refrigerator and a solid roof over my head.

Coming back, I remember all the things that bring me comfort – my home, blankets, dark chocolate, family, friends, my husband Steve. It is nice to be back in my office and doing what I love.

Blessing are how we perceive things. – that aren’t good nor bad, it’s what we think they are. Keeping my blessings in mind improves my day. I wish you many blessing this Thanksgiving!

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