New Growth

Spring is time for new growth in nature – just look around. The grass starts turning green, the spring flowers start rising from the earth and I hear the birds chirping. I know every year this will happen. It shows up slightly different each year, but I can count on it showing up.

As a person I grow every day. My body is changing, my mood changes, I learn more, my heart expands or contracts. I am alive.

I can influence those changes. By paying attention to the daily small changes, I set the direction of my life. By making good food choices I can have a healthy body. By limiting my exposure to news, I can influence my mood. By reading a business book, I can add tools to increase my success. By noting my recent successes, I can increase my confidence, take more risks and raise my level of success.

Business has forced me to grow this spring. Even though we are limited in our contact, travel and spending time with others – I grew.

Just the past few months we assisted on a major project for a client, we were challenged with two major tax law changes and we dealt with significant opportunities to help the small business we serve thru government loans and tax credits. Plus, we are experiencing about a 20% growth in sales. We are alive and growing!

By Mary Guldan-Lindstrom, CPA

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