Do You Focus on Opportunities or Obstacles

I am in the process of organizing a seminar series.  I made my basic decisions such as target audience, when to offer it, the various topics, and the format.  While I laid out my time line and list of action items – my mind starts to wander. That little voice inside my head starts whispering – will anyone show up? Can I deliver? Will people find value? Am I charging too much?  Will this format work the best? etc.  At this point I have two choices – allow my little voice to continue and stop me from taking further action or talk back and tell it “thank you for sharing but I am choosing to ignore you”.  That little voice has as much control as I give it.

When facing your future do you focus on opportunities or obstacles?

As I shared my experience at the beginning of this article – my mind immediately focuses on the obstacles. I believe that is human nature.  As I make myself conscience of my thoughts I can change my internal discussion. Instead I could ask myself – will I have enough room for all those who want to attend? Will I be able to withhold my enthusiasm for my topics? How far will I exceed my audience’s expectations?  How many lives can I improve?  Now this is a different story.

Did you feel overwhelmed and defeated focusing on the obstacles?  Did you feel invigorating, ready for action when considering the opportunities?  When I feel defeated I freeze and take no action.  When I feel excited and passionate about the opportunity I am ready to charge forward.  The feelings that are generated by our thoughts spur the actions that we most likely will take.  My chance of success when I focus on the obstacles is slim.  My chance of success when I focus on the opportunities becomes vastly improved.

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P.S. This concept came from the book secrets to a millionaire mind. One secret is that rich and successful people focus on the opportunities.


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