Peace on Earth

A very common sentiment at Christmas is peace on earth. It sounds so very idealistic to me. But what does this really mean? I found one definition – striving for a world without war, a society where we respect and help our neighbors, a place where we protect and uplift our most in need. Maybe it isn’t a moment, but a journey, something we can live by for one day or one month. It feels more like a set of values that we accept and use to motivate us every day. I believe peace starts in each of our hearts. For how can we have peace on earth when we don’t have peace from within?

I struggle to have peace within my heart every day. Fear, anxiety, hurt, insecurities, and the list goes on. It makes it difficult for me to find peace every moment of every day. I have also learned that these feelings will trigger me to hurt others, which continue the lack of peace cycle. I have lashed out in anger or shunned others due to grudges. I tend to hold grudges on those who have hurt my loved ones. My kids describe this as my mama bear coming out – the Don’t Mess with Me attitude.

I still struggle releasing those grudges, even though my boys are old enough to defend then selves.
Maybe I am looking for tolerance of others and the faith that we won’t hurt one another. As we visit for the holidays, I will get a chance to practice peace of earth. I will work on it one day at a time. I look forward to peace in my life every day.

May you find peace as go forward…

Mary Guldan-Lindstrom, CPA

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