Raising My Standards

I recently came across a life satisfaction survey. There was a list of questions about my life and about my business. I was asked to rate myself in the different areas. They gave me the following scale to use:

  • Very satisfied – I’m more than happy. My expectations have surpassed. Wow!
  • Satisfied – Its fine the way it is. I have no complaints.
  • Slightly dissatisfied – It’s not too shabby, but could be better.
  • Highly dissatisfied – This is a real problem area.

This stopped me in my tracks. They didn’t give me just the choice of being “very satisfied”. They wanted me to feel more than happy, that my expectations were surpassed. WOW! After reading that – why would I want to accept anything less than WOW?

I had to give those choices some thought. Sometimes my goal is just to survive. I get tired, disappointed, frustrated and just don’t care anymore. When I feel that way I settle for “satisfied”. But I want a life worth living. A life filled with WOW and wonder.

I took the survey. I uncovered some areas I want to work on. I also found some that I do feel WOW about. Overall, I discovered that I want to raise my standards and expect to be more than happy. I want to think about exceeding my expectations and experience the WOW in more areas of my life. I want to choose abundance verses scarcity.

I’ve scheduled to take that survey again in three months. I want to see improvement and most of all I am going to open my mind to look for those wonder moments.

By Mary Guldan-Lindstrom, CPA

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