Ahhh. I just got back from San Diego, CA. I attended a conference and learned some new things. I also took time to relax touring the city and visiting with family. They say that all work and no play is not good for the soul. Taking vacation is a great time to revive your soul and spice up life.

I choose to attend this conference in this place. My mother grew up in San Diego and I still have family there. Over my lifetime, I visited my grandmother and other family members every few years. My grandmother passed away in 2016 just 42 days shy of her 103rd birthday. This is the first time that I have been back there. San Diego is a great place to visit, I would not want to live there.

After the conference was over, I did my usual tourist things. I visited their famous zoo. Seeing the giraffes, rhino, elephant, gazelles, hippos and crocodiles brought back memories of my African Safari. Even though the animals were behind bars it brought back the feeling of awe seeing them free and roaming wild on the African plains. Due to construction and other changes at the zoo, I missed seeing the okapi, lounging in the hummingbird aviary and watching the pandas.

Another tourist thing I do is walk the beach. They have such wonderful sand beaches along the ocean. My Uncle and I strolled along Mission beach. I had a chance to catch up, listen to the waves crash and dig my toes in the fine wet sand. I have been doing this since I was little. I remember searching for shells and sand dollars; however, those rarely wash to shore anymore. Nature keeps changing and so do we.

Life moves quickly. I hope you made time to take a break and savor life. Don’t let the summer pass you by.

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