Resilience Rules!

Life throws obstacles in my way all the time. I am coming to the conclusion that my best plan of action is to be as resilient as possible. To be as capable as possible to bounce back from crisis. To do that I focus on building my skill set, increase my knowledge and listen to my instincts. I can do all the planning in the world, but life occasionally gets in the way.

Resilience is the ability to repair oneself to resist and positively reorganize one’s life despite difficult situations that make one expect a negative outcome. In general, we are “programmed” to resist misfortune. I definitely work to avoid the daily defeats, disappointments and conflicts.

Being a mom to twin boys that were strong willed and constantly moving tested my resilience. I must be out of practice for bouncing back seems more challenging. They have been out of the house for over 10 years.

On my way to Kenya, we traveled many roads. We did a lot of planning and had access to a very capable travel agent who arranged our adventure. My goal was to roll with the changes and enjoy each day.

Managing a small business always has challenges. There is too much of too little of something we need, such as customers, staff, work, cash, time and energy. I work to create a stable foundation so that can handle the rough spots. I try to watch ahead for obstacles and use my knowledge to adjust accordingly.

Resilience rules!

By Mary Guldan-Lindstrom, CPA

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