Scary No. Magical Yes!

I am tired of all the fear in society today. Halloween is supposed to be scary. Usually it’s ghosts, goblins and someone chasing someone with a chainsaw. This year we have Covid 19 and the Presidential election. I want to erase the scary and find the magic for this Halloween season.

I am not looking for David Copperfield magic. I am looking for the magic in everyday life. The magic in the beautiful color of the leaves changing from green, yellow, orange and brilliant red, to nature’s music and dancing movements of water cascading over rocks and the crispness of a cool morning as the sun rises and a fine mist rises from the earth. The magical moments when I am awed by nature.

Whether I feel fear or the awe in nature’s magic – I know I have a choice over which perspective I pay attention to. Lately it is easy for me to be cynical with politics in my face and a daily coronavirus update. I wonder if I changed how I see my world if I could bring the awe and magic to life. What would it take to look at the world through the eyes of a child – watching tv for the first time and wondering why I cannot touch the people on the screen or why pushing a button makes them disappear? Or why the sky is crying when it rains.

Recently I got a chance to experience the awe and magic. I finally took some time off and stayed in Door County. It was cold and misty when I was there. However, I did see the waves crash against the docks, the leaves changing colors and the canopy of the trees as we drove through the countryside. I was dedicated to focusing on the magic and awe instead of listening to the news.

Happy fall!

Mary Guldan-Lindstrom, CPA

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