A Spring Garden

Spring is here!  I have my own little spring garden and  within the confines of my fenced-in backyard, a burst of color explodes in April.  Yellow, red and purple are the primary colors.    I like the vibrant green of grass and the start of tree buds, but the colors of spring flowers make it much more explosive.  Even through the dreary rain, I can still see the splash of colors.

My backyard also happens to be a virtual playground for squirrels, with 6 very mature trees and a fence line, they dash and fly from my neighbor’s yard into mine.  They also cause a little mischief.   Every year I survey the backyard looking to see what the squirrels have added.  They love to dig up, but they also replant.  As a result I find tulips and daffodil in unexpected places.

My Spring Garden Rewards

A vibrant spring garden takes planning and a lot of patience.  I plan in fall for spring.  Today I enjoy the work I did many years ago when I planted tulips, daffodils, crocus and a few other spring bulbs.

This pattern flows into our business.  Throughout the year we plant seeds or bulbs.  During tax season when every business needs a tax return done, our phone starts ringing.  Our spring starts in February.  This year our resources were stretched.  Our spring garden overflowed.  Thank you for all your support!

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