Spring is Close

Every spring I get a beautiful surprise! In early March, I discover fresh sprouts on the garden rhizomes and bulbs sitting in my basement. I dug them out last fall before the frost hit. I am always in a rush so they end up dumped in baskets, boxes and paper bags. I store them in the unfinished part of my basement. They have little exposure to light, no water and little dirt. Despite the odds, I find it amazing that they sprout every spring.

Once they sprout and I have time, I plant them in pots with new potting soil and give them a drink of water. Last year I added a little greenhouse. I move the pots from the basement to my spare bedroom. Some in the greenhouse. I water them once a week and let them soak up the sunshine. Once the frost is gone, I will move them outdoors. Eventually the begonias, calla lilies and canna lilies bloom, providing a riot of deep reds and yellows in my backyard oasis until next fall.

These little sprouts provide proof that spring will come. They prove that little steps taken can bring great rewards in time. These tiny sprouts also come at a time when my workload is overwhelming. It reminds me that April 15 will come and tax time for this year will be

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