Staying Positive

Is easier said than done!  When you have a small business, there is always too much or too little.  Too much work, too little time, too much cash, too little cash, too much space, too little space, etc.  the list goes on.  Over the years I have empathized with clients.  Yes, I have felt the ups and downs, but this past 3 months has been a true test.  

We are hiring.  I am planning on it!  I have been working on this since July.  Sometimes we don’t control the timing.  I remind myself that we only need one person.  That brings calm for about a day or so, then I start to get anxious.  As January 1 and tax time gets closer my mind is forced to be creative.  Necessity is the mother of invention.  I am finding ways to be efficient, spending more time planning, improve training, updating our tools, etc.  

This month’s book is “The ant and the elephant”.  I love elephants, so I was curious about the story.  It was timely.  I like the idea of working on my “elephant buzz”.  Along with visualizing the water drops in the bucket, scattering my gold dots, stopping negative thoughts and creating flash cards to help me overcome the obstacles.  These are all action items to get me past this.

I am also working on savoring the calm before the storm.  Thanksgiving will soon be here.  My focus will be on gratitude.  At Focus CPA we have been experiencing great client retention, along with steady growth.  We have been able to upgrade our computers, copiers and phones this summer.  A lot of good things are happening.

Happy Thanksgiving.  Thank you for being a friend.

Mary Guldan-Lindstrom

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