Ten Ways to Create a Simpler, Happier and Richer Life

Happy New Year!  Take control of your life.  Here are 10 things you can do to create a simpler, happier and richer life.

  1. Protect your Health – It is easy to achieve success with it. Make good health practices a major part of your plans – and not a weak afterthought.
  2. Recharge! Be sure to get sleep. Eat when hungry.  Break negative thoughts by listening to an audio book, podcast or music.  Stop working for a full 24-hour period.  Soak in nature – hug a tree.
  3. Get to know yourself – Discover your strengths. Clarify your values. Uncover the limiting beliefs you have of yourself.  Keep a Journal.  What do you fear?  What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind? What are you proud of? What failure have you turned into your greatest lesson?
  4. Watch for vampires – We are surrounded by people and things that will take your time, energy and emotions – if you let them.  Protect yourself.  Turn off e-mail. Turn off phone.
  5. Manage your finances – Spend less than you make.  Pay as you go.  Stay out of tax trouble.  Never invest in anything that you do not fully understand how you can make or lose money in – and you are willing to accept the possibility of that loss.
  6. Learn & Grow – Learning new things is stimulating and satisfying. Be curious!  Read books, watch TED talks, listen to podcasts, attend conferences and meet with more successful and happy people.  Get out of your comfort zone.  Be more!
  7. Spend time with loved ones – Time is limited and goes by quickly.  Children grow up.  People can grow apart.  Make every moment special.  Give love 💕 the way they want to feel loved.  Maximize your time with them and build memories and experiences you both will cherish.
  8. Be intentional – Make good choices for you.  Spend time with who you choose, doing what you choose to do.  Focus on your unique strengths.
  9. Reduce clutter – Get rid of things you don’t use, things that are broken, items that invoke guilt.  Take back the lost time and energy to maintain your clutter.
  1.  Be Grateful – Be mindful that every day is a Blessing. Focus on the good in your life.  Things are not good nor bad, it’s what you think they are.  Create a mindset of abundance.

Make it a great year!

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