The Incoming Breeze

The cool breeze is bringing in the crispness of fall, a new season.  As the hours of sunlight shrink the leaves start changing colors and falling.  The smell of fall is in the air.  Change is coming.  As fall is creeping in I am preparing my gardens for the next season.  Cutting down the flowers that have finished blooming, splitting the perennials to make them stronger next year, planting more bulbs for tulips and daffodils in spring, and moving more plants into shadier spots in my backyard.  I mulch to protect the perennials from the harsh cold of winter.  All this work for something I won’t see until at least 6 months from now.

Ah but a gardener plans for the future…. 

Just like business, we prepare for the future.  We work on marketing materials to attract the next sale and we provide feedback to staff to prepare them to get results that are more desirable next time.  We plant seeds by asking our customers “is there anything else we can do for you?”  We strive to keep our customers engaged.  We listen so we can be of more service.  We still keep delivering everyday but we set time aside to plan and build our future.

Just like a gardener – a business owners plans for the future….

Mary Guldan-Lindstrom 

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