The Joy of a Thunderstorm

As I write this a storm is rolling in bringing with it rain, thunder and flashes of light. I love to stop and listen to a good strong rain pound against the rooftop. The lightning bolts sizzle through the air and the crashing of thunder demands our attention. As a child I was afraid of the noise, but my mom would say that the gods were just bowling. Rain is good, it washes away the dust and makes my garden grow. It’s refreshing and brings with it a key essence we need to live. The thunderstorm kicks up a sense of danger and then it is followed by a beautiful rainbow.

Occasionally in life and in business we have thunderstorms. Times when change or perceived problems come rolling in and wash over us. As people and in particular business owners, we can be resilient. For some they don’t believe they will survive. They cave in. For others we learn to roll with or take advantage of the change.

One drop of water has a gentle touch but as a stream gathers and becomes a roaring rush it can be life threatening. We can adapt to either extreme. We can handle it ourselves or call for help.

However for now, summer is here! Stop and enjoy the simple pleasures of life, including the thunderstorm.

Of course, in Green Bay, WI we don’t have flash floods, or mudslides and we rarely have tornadoes. So I know that there is a very good chance that the rain will leave us in a better place.

Mary Guldan-Lindstrom

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