Luck of the Irish!

Many years ago I found myself in Boston on St. Patty’s day.  I was there for work and stayed the weekend. I made arrangements to meet a friend of a friend to get a tour of Boston.  She was a Boston native and turned out to be a great tour guide.  The day started with a cold wet morning.  Our first stop was at a local Irish bar for a steaming hot cup of coffee spiked with baileys cream.  With luck the weather improved later that day and we walked the famous Freedom Trail. I got to take a step back into our history, seeing Faneuil Hall and the historic graveyards.  We stopped at a local deli and I tried melon sorbet.  It melted in my mouth. We did a little shopping in Back Bay and closed the day by stopping at an Irish beer garden to sample the green beer.  The day was a memorable one.  I am not sure how much of it was luck or how much was me reaching out to find that special tour guide for that day.

Personally I find Luck goes to those who are prepared – Prepared to see the opportunity, prepared to take action on the opportunity and prepared to pay the price to carry it through.

However finding a four leaf clover, hanging a horse shoe over the door or tucking a rabbit’s foot into my pocket are tangible reminders to expect lucky things to happen.  We see what we look for. Finding the good in the world increases my personal energy.  Energy to take action which provides a sense of being invincible – enough so that I can conquer my world.

May you find the luck of the Irish today! And be prepared for it!

Mary Guldan-Lindstrom


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