The Magic of March

The Magic of March comes in the forms of Fairies and leprechauns, rainbows, four leaf clovers and green beer. I’ve never seen a fairy or leprechaun or have drunk green beer. I did enjoy an Irish coffee at an Irish bar in Boston on St. Patrick’s Day many years ago. That brought a bit of magic to the cold, misty day.

With spring right around the corner, (I hope) true magic occurs when my garden comes alive. This year with the long freezing cold winter, I will be even more surprised to see the miracle of the plants springing from out of the ground.

Thinking of Magic of March

It always lifts my spirits when I am swamped with tax returns to be done. Corporations are due March 15 and individuals are due one month later. Every client I work with has at least one tax return that needs to be filed within 75 days. Since most people don’t have their information until mid February – the rush is distilled down to a mere 45 days.

To facilitate our business growth, I changed tax processing software this year. The move was a very good choice, but I underestimated the frustration. The frustration of knowing what I need to do, but not exactly how to do it with this software. I kept to another high-end tax processing program, but one that will be easier to train others and provide additional tools to improve customer service. Progress can be painful.

At least my cabin fever is avoided and the weather is not an issue when I have my nose to the grindstone ….. Only a few weeks left.

Enjoy the magic of March!

Mary Guldan-Lindstrom

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