Time for an Adventure

Lately I have been feeling tired and lacking excitement in my life. I am tired of being confined by a mask, by cold weather and by work. I am tired of the constant news of sickness and death. Then I recall a remark I overheard that offered me a bit of hope.

A father with 2 young children was looking for ways to entertain them. This was a challenge this past winter when everything was shut down. Instead of a movie or taking them to a fast-food place to play in the playground or to the YMCA to swim, he bundled them up and took them outside and together built a snowman. Something simple, no special tools required, no specific place to be and low cost. He created an adventure for him and his children. It reminded me that adventures can be simple.

Adventure comes in all shapes, sizes and dimensions. It’s not an exotic trip away from home or getting lost in a man-made environment such as Disney nor a huge gathering at a concert or sporting event. It’s being fully engaged in the moment with our body, mind and soul. It’s clearing our minds and setting aside our everyday worries. It’s being free and safe to be ourself, to laugh or to cry.

Now that spring is here it is time for me to find the simple adventures of life.

Happy scouting!

By Mary Guldan-Lindstrom, CPA

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