Welcome Spring

The heaviness of winter is coming to a close. Windows are finally being opened to let the fresh air breeze through the house. As the temperatures rise the layers of clothes are being peeled off and put away until next year. The cobwebs in my mind are being dusted away. There is a sense of energy building. Now that tax season is over I can spend my time with more variety. Wow, there is life after tax season!

This is a great time to “refresh” my life. A time to accept change and make conscious choices about what I do with my time, the things I surround myself with, the food that I devour and the people I spend time with. A perfect time to stop doing things that aren’t working for me.

I now take Fridays back, instead of working in my business I move to more strategic activities such as developing my marketing assets, improving our internal procedures or enjoying a good business book.

To make my choices I look to my values – constant learning, staying positive, fully utilizing my talents, keeping things simple, improving relationships, etc. to see how I can create a life worth living. I take inventory of the relationships I am engaged in, the stuff I have collected, where my time goes, what I read, what I tell myself and ask – how can I make a new and improved life? How can I make each minute, hour and day my best?

Welcome spring!

Mary Guldan-Lindstrom


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