Why Are We Here

I am a strong believer in the American dream of owning your own business.

I believe that those who want to be successful business owners can be.

Our mission at Focus CPA is to improve the lives of small business owners.
We do that by removing stress and bringing the fun back.
Our tax, accounting and advisory services go beyond staying in compliance.

The Balancing Act

Managing a small business is a balancing act carried out by the owner. Did you ever sit on a three-legged stool and fall over? All three legs must be equally strong to stand firm and tall. Business can be broken down into three legs –

  • Sales (finding your customer, setting the price),
  • Operations (delivering what was promised) and
  • Administration (keeping in compliance and cash flow).

Most small business owners are strong in sales and / or operations. The challenge is the administrative side.

Our Complicated World

We live in a complicated world. Tax compliance is challenging and not getting any easier. In addition, many business owners struggle to improve their profits and manage the cash flow.

That’s where we step in and strengthen this area of the business. Through tax preparation, accounting help and business strategy we focus on three primary areas.

  • Your Advocate. We represent your interests in tax and accounting matters. Our mission is to keep you out of trouble and help you keep your cash. We got your back!
  • Translator. We look behind the numbers to understand your business and translate them so that you, the business owner, can make better decisions.
  • Detective. We use your numbers to discover and focus your personal and business strengths to increase your financial success and increase your enjoyment.

By being an advocate, translator and a detective, we can improve the lives of small business owners we serve.

So What Makes Us Different

CPA’s are taught theory, few have actual business experience. Many years ago, I bought a flooring company. I had 10 years of business experience and I was prepared to make this investment a financial success. I was going to show the world that I could do it. Tax returns were filed timely and we had meticulous accounting records. However, we struggled with profits and cash flow. I survived 3 years. It was a very painful and embarrassing experience. I had many sleepless nights attempting to improve the situation. I decided to provide services that would prevent anyone else from going through that pain.

Adapting & Changing

At Focus CPA, we have been around since 2004, adapting and growing. Besides a CPA and business owner, I am a mom who struggled balancing family and work. I have built a team to provide accounting, tax and advisory services. We listen and observe to understand the needs of those we serve. We provide services and education to keep our clients in compliance and help them grow.

Remember that three legged stool – with sales, operations and administration? We work hard to strengthen that third side of the business so that small business owners can sit firm and tall.

We want them to have an awe-inspiring experience living the American dream of being in business!

That’s why we are here.

By Mary Guldan-Lindstrom, CPA

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