Are You Ready for the Future?

Life changes quickly and it feels like it is moving faster every day.  From a business standpoint the rapid change tosses opportunities and challenges faster and faster, in unique unexpected ways.  If we know where we stand, where we want to go, prepared to move, keep an open mind and ready to take a risk we can take advantage of the situation.  If we are not ready for the future, business as it stands will be knocked out.  Think Kodak.  Eastman Kodak was started in 1888, reached a peak in the 20th century, financially struggled in the late 1990’s and filed for bankruptcy in 2012.  Not adapting fast enough can lead to closure.

Here is a quick test to see if you are prepared for your future.

  1. Does your business have a current vision? Do you know where you want to go? Having that vision can attract resources and help sort out what changes can help achieve that vision.  Adding a value or purpose to that vision brings the heart and soul into the everyday transactions.   Sharing the vision brings the resources together and speeds up progress.   Take time to keep the vision up to date and relevant.
  2. Do you use technology to bring your vision into a reality? Technology has seeped into everyday life.  It is a tool – a tool that can lighten the burden and bring your vision into a reality even faster.    By understanding your current process, your vision and keeping an open mind you can apply the new technology instead of fighting it.
  3. Do you invest in personal development for you and for your team? It doesn’t have to be school.  Books, articles, seminars, mastermind groups, mentors, etc. all add value.   Understanding and building the strengths of your current team is part of the preparation.
  4. Do you seek innovation? Do you pay attention to other industries or people to see what can be transferred to your situation?  Focusing on innovation, changes your perspective. One can look for change instead of being caught off guard by it.
  5. Do you clearly understand, document and work on improving your current system? As change comes along you can upgrade, replace or add to your current system.  Knowing your current system and working for improvements you can leverage your available resources and change that comes your way.
  6. Do you plan to grow? Plan to grow your revenue sources, revenues that utilize your current resources with an expected profit?  Each revenue source is a pillar of success.  How many pillars have you nurtured?  The more pillars the more flexible the business is to change.
  7. Do you measure your progress? In a manner that holds yourself and others accountable?  Twelve week plans have been found to be long enough to accomplish something and short enough to not lose interest.
  8. Do you take time to assess and plan? Being conscious of what is happening reduces the chance that change will catch you off guard. Take time to plan, update the vision and share it with others. See what’s trending and how best to reinvent the business to take advantage of it.

Are you prepared for your future?

This is an exciting time – life is quickly changing and you are alive and kicking and ready to take advantage of it!

In spring we will be facilitating small group sessions to assist passionate business owners create, organize and implement their visions.  If you are interested, please call our office, 920-351-4842, to get you on the list.

Have a great future!

Mary Guldan-Lindstrom

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