Making Decisions with the Head, Heart and Gut

Every day we make decisions – some are important and some are trivial. In my line of work, we base decisions on data. However that is only one perspective of the issues – other factors that affect the outcome are involved. Factors such as internal desires and outside forces, which are not measured with facts and figures.

When I was right out of college, I made most of my conscious decisions based on my definition of logic. After completing 4 years of higher education, I thought I would be able to use my knowledge to make a good decision. Thus, I accepted the job offer, decided where to live, got married, changed jobs and started a family all using facts and figures. I tried my best to ignore my internal desires and outside forces. The results were scattered. Looking back I ignored my heart. I did pay an unexpected price for some of my decisions. I painfully grew up. Since then I have expanded that process to include my heart and my gut. I have found that my best decisions are made when all are in complete agreement.

Let me explain my decisions process…

  • The Head – gather all relevant data available to make a decision, such as making a list of pros and cons.
  • The Heart – is using emotions to make a decision. Typically, we strive to move toward passion or away from pain. Here is a test – when you are down to two choices flip a coin. When we toss a coin – there are two possible outcomes. As you flip the coin – Pay close attention to which side you want to come up – heads or tails. The one you want is your hearts decision.
  • The Gut – is opening all your senses and then sort, organize and decide using your subconscious. This may be referred to as intuition. A way to activate this reasoning is to pose the question to your mind before you go to sleep.

If I do not get the same answer with my head, my heart and my gut – I determine how important the outcome is. If it’s a minor issue I go with the strongest one and accept the consequences. If it is a major issue, I hold off on the decision. I will talk to someone aloud about the issue to get another opinion to clarify my thoughts. They sound different when discussed aloud. Or hand it over to my subconscious. With a little more effort I usually have an answer I can live with.

In today’s world finding your intuition is challenging. We have our peers, plenty of experts, all kinds of commercials and even the government telling us what is right for us. We are constantly on the go and being bombarded with information. It is difficult to shut off the outside world of influence and determine what is right for us.

At FOCUS CPA we use your financial information as just one perspective of your overall decision process.

By Mary Guldan-Lindstrom


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