Building a Vision for your Business

“Have a vision. It is the ability to see the invisible. If you can see the invisible, you can achieve the impossible.”

~ Shiv Kiera

Every business owner starts with a vision.  For some it is simple – earn enough to live comfortably and have more control over their time.  Few write it down or spend time refining it.  If you don’t know where you are going how will you know when you get there.  A vision provides direction and brings passion to the table.  The clearer your vision the faster it will come to life.

Build your vision with intention.  Start with the basic questions – who, what, how, why and when.

Define your why.  Your “why” is what will make your business a success for you.   Why are you starting or why are you in business?  Some are looking for financial success, control of their time, working with those you choose, doing what you love to do, a test to see what you can accomplish, or building your personal net worth.  This list is endless.  However unless you define it you may wake up one day and wonder how you got where you are.

Now start gathering the building blocks….

What makes your business unique?   Uncover the reason a customer wants to work with your company.  What is the unique offering?  Search for options on how you can apply that strength to solve a problem your customer will pay for.

What we do.  Define the transformation your customers will experience.  Be clear with the before and after picture.  What fear does your product or service reduce? On the other hand, what pleasure does it provide? Set the value of your product or service that an ideal customer is willing and able to pay.  Customers base their buying decision on emotions, and then support it with facts.  Define the emotions your business will invoke.  Then uncover the customer’s value for your product or service.

Who we serve.  Your target customer is the one that receives maximum value and is willing and capable of paying the greatest amount.  Where do they live? City, country, state, region, etc.  How much money do they earn? What do they value? Low cost, comfort, status, rareness, etc.  How old are they? Teenage, college student, grandparent, parent, adult with no children, retired, etc.  What do they do for a living? The more specific you can be the more focused your marketing efforts will be.  This will save time, effort and money.

How we deliver.  Define the skill set, knowledge and resources needed.  Describe who is involved with your success.  Define tools needed such as shipping, consultants, sales people, inventory management, accounting, etc. Whom do you want to work with?  Describe your vendors, customers and associates.  What values do they live? What value do they add to your vision?  Clarify your WOW factor.

Where we do it.  Your working environment can inspire you or distract you. This includes the culture as well as the physical environment.  Coffee shop, home office, business incubator, houseboat or hammock.  Where will you deliver your product or service to your customer – virtually, digitally, face to face or in your office?  This defines your customer experience.  Engage the senses – color, textures and smells.  Is it fun or professional?

Build your business with intention!  Define your success, and then paint your picture.

By Mary Guldan-Lindstrom, CPA

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