My Vision, My Life

When I graduated from high school, I had goals.  My goals were – to be a CPA, get married, be a partner in a CPA firm, own a nice house and have a family.  I wanted to earn enough to have a comfortable life.  It took 10 years to check off the goals.  However, I ran into a problem. I achieved my goals, but I wasn’t where I wanted to be.

I discovered that my vision wasn’t very clear.  I forgot to add – to earn a living doing something I love, to be “happily” married, to feel financially secure, to spend time with loved ones and to participate in life – to laugh and to cry.  When I set my goals – I had the action right but I lacked the vision to get what I wanted.

Over the years, I have refined what I desire.  I have kept it simple -be the best mom, wife and the best me I can be. My vision as a mom was to guide my boys to be their best.  As my husband Steve would remind me, I am raising someone’s future husband.

Today I am more careful with my goals.  I take time to define my vision, for it provides purpose and adds passion to my goals.  It paints a picture of what I truly desire. This is true in my personal life and in my business.

At Focus CPA, my vision is to improve the lives of small business owners – help make business owners dreams come true.  At the end of each day, I look to see how I can improve what we did that day to bring my vision to life.  Vision brings my desired future to life.

By Mary Guldan-Lindstrom

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