Find Your Dream

Many start their own business to take control of their life or to get away from someone’s control. Many do it for freedom to live under their rules. Ideally having your own business is a great opportunity to live your dream. In my experience the challenge is defining the dream, your dream.

Napoleon Hill wrote the book “Think and Grow Rich”.  One of the lessons was to create your vision of success in your mind – then take action to bring it to life. Every day we are exposed to someone else’s version of success. Just pay attention to the next commercial you see. It takes dedication and discipline to shut down outside influences, to give yourself permission to dream and listen to your inner voice to discover your joy.

Here are two exercises to help you live your dream.

1. If you had all the resources you needed what would you do? Assume you have the financial resources, the time, the education, the staff, willing customers, etc.

  • Take away all restrictions and limitations. I find this one challenging. Most of my limitations I am not aware of. I’m too old to change. I was born into the wrong family.  Etc.
  • What would you like to accomplish? Steve jobs wanted a computer on every desk or home.
  • How will you use your unique gift?

2. Design your ideal day. Close your eyes. Now start the movie in your mind. You start the day – where are you living? What is the weather like outside? What time is it? What do you see? What do you hear? Do you smell coffee brewing or bacon frying? Do you work? Where do you work? Walk through the next 24 hours. Write it down and refine it from time to time.

As you create these new images, you start making small decisions that move you towards your vision.  You become aware of opportunities you would have been blind to before. You reduce time and energy by eliminating options that won’t move you in that direction.

This process has worked for me. Two years ago I decided to book my African Safari. It was on my bucket list and I thought the time was right. I did my research. I gathered travel magazines, books and other research materials. There were so many choices I had to narrow it down and determine what I truly wanted.  I had to answer a multitude if questions such as to what time of year, where in Africa, what did I want to see, etc.  I had a basic itinerary.  Then I scaled it back due to the cost. I couldn’t put it together then. However it all came together this year. The actual trip far exceeds what I thought. I will be going with my sons, to a Branson property in Kenya.

Every day we make choices, each choice creates our life. Instead of moving faster or staying busy – stop and take time to build your life with intention. Find your dream!

By Mary Guldan-Lindstrom, CPA

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