Summer is a Time to Refresh

In my world February, March and the first part of April feels like a race – a 75 day race. There is a constant push for more. The adrenaline is flowing. Other responsibilities get pushed aside.  The pressure is always present.  I am always looking out for something – do we have all the information, is the software working, is there bad news we need to tell the client about? The work seems to keep piling up. I know the end will come, but in what condition will I be in? Every year is different.  I have been running this race the last 30 years or so.  Some are good and others could have gone better.

The last two months I have been working on recovering from that race. Besides taking steps to improve the results next year I take a few more steps –

  • Recall the good stuff. Redirect the mind to what I have accomplished.
  • Be one with the world. Slow down. Be quiet.  Listen to the world around me.  Just be.
  • Rejoin nature – Dig my hands in the dirt.  Take a walk in the park.  Stare at a campfire or water lapping against the shore. Listen to ocean waves. Close my eyes face the sun and soak it in.
  • Go back to basics. Sleep 8 hours or longer. Eat nurturing foods. Get physically active. Sharpen my senses.  Hug my husband, the more the better. Wrap myself up in a soft fluffy blanket. Find a lilac bush and soak in the smells. Absorb myself in music.  Savor a cup of coffee. Watch a sunrise and listen to the birds.

A vacation can cover all these options. Each person has a different answer or a unique approach to refresh their mind and body. The options are endless.  Personally I find the results inconsistent. I wish I just had a reset button.  Maybe that is just what summer is – a time to refresh.

Have a great summer!

Mary Guldan-Lindstrom


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