The Gift of Time

Do we ever have enough time?

As a business owner, time is one of our greatest resources. Each of us is given only 24 hours a day. During the holidays time seems to be in short supply.  Alongside the everyday activities of work, family and taking care of yourself – we add extended families, overnight guests, celebrations, giving gifts and creating memories.  The list never seems to end.

Give yourself the gift of time this holiday season with these five reminders that help me to enjoy the moments.

  1. Making choices – your choices. It is important that you keep control of your choices.  This thanksgiving the boys brought home an extra guest, Frankie. Frankie is a character. He is a little dog that is a bundle of energy. When he wags his tail his whole body wiggles. Frankie created a little havoc at the house. We used the kennel more than I prefer, but it was my choice.  It was a great compromise.  My dog, Cotton, was overwhelmed by Frankie and has since settled down.
  1. Ignore Multitasking.  I am not a fan of multitasking.  Doing only one thing and being in the moment creates the best memories.  Giving a gift to someone special and watching their reaction warms the heart. Yes it may take longer in the short run, but if it is worth doing, it is worth doing to the fullest.
  1. Live your values.  As my business is growing, I feel compelled to put in more hours.  However I have a grandmother who will be 102 next March, who lives in San Diego.  I am putting aside work for a week and I will be on a plane the first week of December to visit, while I have the chance.
  1.  Focus on what you have. I take for granted much of what I have. This includes family, health, a dependable car, a full refrigerator and the list goes on. As I was writing this, I felt a chill come over my body. Immediately I thought I don’t have time to be sick. Only then did I realize what I might miss.
  1. Take time for the little things.  Relationships take time. Take time to ponder, instead of dashing about, checking off each item on the “to do” list or shopping for that next item. Recently I was watching my grandson play with his dollar store car. He likes to keep one in his hand at all times. I also find it very important to take my dog for a walk, despite the cold. It is time to decompress and get a little exercise.

Take control of your gift of time and create the life you want to experience.

Mary Guldan-Lindstrom

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