Who Moved My Healthcare?

Dealing with Healthcare Change

Confusion and frustration abound, as we wait and see what will or will not happen with the new Affordable Care Act. The complexity and immense impact of this new law will affect every American. It is rearranging our current health care system.

Controversy abounds, the legality of it was questioned, the IRS employees don’t want to enforce it and Congress is ignoring the consequences of it.

A change imposed is a change that is opposed!

Do you remember the book “Who moved my cheese?” Our current health care situation reminds me of the story of Sniff & Scurry, two mice and Hem & Haw, two little people, who ran out of cheese and had to find more. Sniff & Scurry go straight into action and start looking for their delicious cheese in the elaborate maze. While Hem & Haw, the little people, with their complex thinking, use emotions and beliefs to pursue their search for their delicious cheese.

Our cheese, in this case, is obtaining cost effective health care services. Our current system is spinning out of control. In Tennessee, the state insurance commissioner approved a 36 percent rate increase for the largest health insurer in the state’s individual marketplace. In Iowa, the com-missioner approved rate increases averaging 29 percent for the state’s dominant insurer. My personal health insurance went up 90% as of December 1, with another 18% increase on January 1. Our cheese is becoming moldy.

As our health insurance costs exceed their benefits, many of us search to find our own answers, very similar to Sniff & Scurry. Our government on the other hand, is acting like Hem and Haw. Over the years, they have been looking for a way to change our system and make it more affordable. I believe the government has overstepped by making a complicated process even more complicated.
In addition to the complexity, we now en-counter a sense of entitlement. Did you know that 31% of Americans had government health care, before ACA started? Insurance was created to cover extraordinary situations; we have come to expect insurance to cover everyday expenses and to be provided to us. We expect someone else to be responsible for our physical health.

Whining isn’t going to help and since I can’t change law – that means I need to work within the system and so do you. I will trust that there is a new solution and by searching, I will find it.

For individuals, if you find that health insurance is still not feasible, be prepared for a tax penalty, the higher of;

  • 2% of household income with a maximum of the total yearly annual premium of a Bronze plan sold through the Marketplace (estimated at $8000), or
  • $325 per adult plus $162.50 per child under 18, with a maximum of $975.

You will not be assessed this penalty until you file your 2015 tax return.

Above all – change is inevitable.

Change provides a chance to improve the situation. The fastest way for you to change personally – is to laugh at your own folly. Then let go and quickly move on. By keeping life simple, remember that the purpose is to obtain effective and affordable health care services so you can enjoy life.

May you live a long and happy life!

Mary Guldan-Lindstrom

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